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Carole Moawad

Carole’s journey started as a childhood dream, tucked away for decades in an old wallet. Her aspiration was to own a restaurant. From that spark to Uchi’s reality, Carole’s purpose remains constant: to transform everyday moments into celebrations. She believes each day holds potential for extraordinary experiences and memories. Carole embraces life with all her senses, infusing Uchi’s dishes and ambiance with her commitment to creating joy.

Beyond taste, Carole aims to establish a realm of unmatched hospitality. Her vision is a space where visitors aren’t just guests, but owners of their experience. She envisions turning expected moments into extraordinary ones, fostering connections through laughter, stories, and genuine interactions.
Head Chef

Ciprian Gabriel Porumbacean

Ciprian Porumbacean boasts 14 years of professional culinary expertise, spanning European, Mediterranean, and Japanese Fusion Cuisine. Hailing from Romania, his culinary journey began in his family’s restaurant, where he cultivated his love for food and the art of cooking alongside his father and grandmother. A fervent devotee of Japanese philosophy, Ciprian’s passion, meticulousness, persistence, and concentration infuse every dish and creation. Embracing the Japanese ethos of service, he considers it an honor to cater to patrons, crafting each dish meticulously to satisfy their cravings and craft lasting memories.

As Uchi’s doors open, Ciprian’s legacy takes shape – a journey from childhood dreams to a manifestation of passion and purpose. Uchi isn’t just fine dining; it’s a living tribute to passion, cultural fusion, and bringing people together. Home transcends walls and tables here; it becomes an enduring emotion, lingering long after the last bite.
Bar Consultant

Nana Sechere

Nana Sechere, an esteemed authority in beverages, approaches his craft with humility and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. With a foundation in hospitality, he founded Host Master’s Consultancy to provide essential training to GCC hospitality businesses. His involvement in the Global Education Committee at Tales of the Cocktail showcases his commitment to beverage education worldwide. From MENA Regional Brand Ambassador for Beam Suntory to Global Brand Ambassador for Takamaka Rum, Nana’s gratitude for industry lessons remains unwavering.

His love for whisky and premium drinks led to the Uchi Beverage Program, a collaboration with Kaitlin Wilkes Back. They’ve crafted highballs, curated spirits, and introduced Japanese Whisky service rituals for the Uchi Shot. Nana’s journey reflects his dedication to growth and sharing, embracing opportunities to contribute.